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Bio PicThe music of composer Nick Peros has received wide acclaim from critics and audiences alike. A prolific composer with over 200 works in his catalogue, Peros is fluent in symphonic, orchestral, choral, vocal and chamber genres. His style is characterized by great expressiveness, original tonality and harmonic invention.

Peros has been composing exclusively classical concert music since 1987. His earlier works were primarily for solo and chamber ensembles, and songs for solo voice & piano. Since then he has composed in virtually every genre, with a number of his works receiving a high international profile. In 1992 Peros composed his symphony Isumataq, for full orchestra and choir, as part of an artistic collaboration with Canadian painter Ken Kirkby. Kirkby’s painting, Isumataq, was the world’s largest painting on canvas measuring 152 feet by 12 feet and is a portrait of the high Arctic landscape. Peros’ symphony Isumataq was composed as an independent work based on the theme of the Canadian north, using the north as a metaphor and symbol for deeper, spiritual issues. The Isumataq project was recognized by the Canadian government in March 1993 as a work important for Canada and Canadian culture – a special ceremony was held in the Canadian Parliament, House of Commons to pay homage to Isumataq and was attended by Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, the Speaker of the House, the Party leaders and the Members of Parliament.

Although he has received numerous commissions, since 1993 Nick has devoted himself exclusively to composing his own non-commissioned works. His orchestral work Northern Lights was composed in 1993 and received its world premiere in November 1994 by Symphony Hamilton, conducted by Clyde Mitchell. In 1997 Northern Lights was performed by Symphony New Brunswick across a three city Maritime tour and in April of 1998 it was further performed by the Regina Symphony, conducted by Marc David. This concert was recorded and broadcast nationally by CBC radio.

Peros released his first CD, Motets, in 1999, on the Phoenix Records (Canada) label. The motets were composed throughout 1998. These 20 a cappella choral works cover the whole range of choral composition-rich polyphony; chordal pieces; textures of 2, 4 and 5 parts. The Motets were recorded in June of 1999 by The Renaissance Singers, conducted by Richard Cunningham, and released nationally on the Phoenix Records label. The world premiere concert of Motets took place September 24 at Toronto's renowned Ford Centre Recital Hall, performed by The Renaissance Singers, conducted by Richard Cunningham.

Motets received high praise from critics, calling the works examples of “skillful, unexpected yet subtle modulations” evidencing a “compelling sound” and “ingenious chromaticism” (KW Record, September 23, 1999), “poignant and brilliantly conceived”, “visionary”, “featuring a mastery of wisdom and compositional grace” (Gadfly Magazine March 2001), a “skillful integration of edgy harmonies with texture and melodic material”, “wonderful use of chromaticism” (Classics Today July 2001).

Peros’ second CD, Songs, was released November 2000, and features 31 songs for solo voice & piano with texts by Emily Dickinson, A.E. Housman, William Wordsworth, Robert Louis Stevenson, William Blake and, most notably, Emily Brontë – 17 of the 31 songs on the CD are settings of Brontë's poetry, with some songs being the first time that Brontë's poems have been set to music.

In 2002 Peros composed Prayer of Consolation, a large scale a cappella choral work composed to commemorate the events of 9-11. Featuring a Biblical text compiled by Peros to reflect a dialogue between God and Man on the events of 9-11, Prayer of Consolation received its world premiere on September 10, 2002, in Washington DC at Washington National Cathedral, performed by The Palestrina Choir, as part of the US commemorations of the First Anniversary of 9-11. The premiere received extensive media coverage across North America with portions of the concert being broadcast nationally across Canada on CBC Television as part of CBC’s First Anniversary commemorations.

In 2006, five of his Poemes for solo piano were recorded by pianist Linda Shumas and included on her solo piano CD Paradise Reborn. His Cello Suite No. 1 – Five Meditations for Solo Cello, and some of his other solo instrumental music, was released as a limited CD release in 2006.

His CD Soliloquies was released as a worldwide digital release in January 2012 and features various works for solo instrument, including "Five Poemes for Solo Piano"; "Eden", for solo flute and "Suite No. 1 for Solo Cello".

Peros is also one of Canada’s most successful independent record producers – his CD O Canada – A Canadian Celebration (2002) is certified Platinum, while the CD’s Home for Christmas (2004), HomeGrown (2005) and Stories from Home (2005) have all achieved Gold Record sales status. Each of these CD’s were conceived, created and produced by Peros and released through his production company Peros Music.

With over 200 works in his catalogue, Peros’ music continues to receive extensive international performance, ranging from performances of full orchestral works to choral, chamber and solo works. Nick's music is powerfully expressive, born out of a unique and original artistic vision, characterized by skill and craftsmanship. His harmonies are original and innovative, his music is passionate and his works, though very chromatic, are melodic, tonal and accessible. Critics and audiences have praised Nick's music across a wide variety of genres - orchestral, choral, chamber and vocal. He imbues traditional forms with a spirit and vitality all his own, giving each of his works the unmistakable stamp of his original musical language and style.